KCCS Vents & Built-in Music Cabinet


Vents: ¼” aluminum plate (drilled)
Cabinetry: Birch and maple

In service: 2005

It’s all in the details really, isn’t it?  Not only knowing how you would like the final outcome, but picking the right accents and features to take you there.  Too little and nothing.  Too much and things become obnoxious.  In most cases, subtlety is king.  Such is the case with KCCS’s vents and music center. 

The vents themselves are nothing difficult.  A piece of aluminum with holes.  But their impact is everything.  Same with the built-in unit.  What initially seems to be just shelving is on closer inspection a unit with an exact purpose.  To house exact items in exact places.  Nothing overbearing.  Clean.  Functional.  A strong, subtle statement.  Perfect.