Lake Stairs/Handrail/Louvers

Material: Treated lumber with steel handrail

In service:
2002 Retaining wall and lower stairs with handrail

2005 Stairs to and around the house

2008 Louvers

VCP had me build the retaining wall and stairs first. The stairs obviously make it a much easier task to get to the boat dock and back. It’s such a steep pitch that the trek was always treacherous regardless of direction. And besides, the stairs look great, twisting through the woods. Next was a handrail for the last 20 feet or so . . . where it became very steep. Nothing overly fancy. Priority was function. Easy to grasp and very sturdy to ensure a safe climb and descent. I added a little flare with the handrail tubing following the curvature of the stairs. The steel posts are also curved and set back a ways from the handrail, giving it a “floating” feel. Finally, the louvers on the deck. These were not my idea. VCP described the idea to me. I believe they had seen something similar in Charleston, SC, and thought it would work well for them. It seems to have held up well over the years, and obviously looks fabulous. By far the nicest deck “filler” feature I have ever seen.