Loft handrail, columns & ladder handrail: Steel
Ladder, trim, flooring, ceiling, etc.: Pine
Finish: Paint

In service: 2015

This loft may be more of an example of my "remodel" work as opposed to the "fabricated" items found on this site. But, once I saw the final pictures from M & KM, I couldn't help but throw them on here. M & KM asked me to build a bed frame and loft for their daughter's bedroom. This is the result. I built the loft with handrail and fabricated the ladder and handrail. The bed frame includes two drawers for storage and raised panel sides. M & KM did the final painting. I'm the opposite of a little girl, but I can't help thinking that you'd be hard pressed to find a cooler little girl's bedroom. In fact, if she ever wants to trade rooms...