MBDJ Kitchen Counter


Countertop: Poured concrete with fossil inlays
Branch brackets:  Steel

In service: 2003

I love it when someone knows what they want (especially when I’m in agreement) because it makes a project that much easier. And MBDJ knew what they wanted.
     "We want a concrete countertop on our island.  
     We would like the concrete to be this color, with inlays in these locations.  
     We would like a glass bar top supported by brackets that resemble tree branches.  
     And, if possible, the brackets should be removable in case we would like to remove the glass bar             top."  
Great ideas.  I couldn’t agree more.  Now I just had to deliver.

Two design issues popped up: 1) where to put the seams in the counter, as the counter was too large to pour in one piece and 2) how to make the brackets removable while maintaining both strength and keep the mounting area minimal.  The seam I addressed with a zig-zag right down the center.  Not too obnoxious and not too boring.  The bracket mounts were carefully laid out prior to pouring.  They were then welded to the counter’s rebar framework, allowing easy removal if desired.

Project looks as good to me now as it did ten years ago!